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Sadness and tragic has been in the air these few days.

Everyone is talking about the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami and last night scenes of unfortunate people were on TV's charity show.

I choose not to watch the news or read articles about the Japanese tragic incident and I stopped watching the charity show after half an hour.

Not that I am heartless or least concerned about them, but it's just that there are too much sadness for me to bear. I felt heavy-hearted when I watched the personal encounters of the SPD beneficiaries. I felt helpless when I saw images of elderly huddled together on the streets because of the earthquake. These feelings are too much to bear.

As such, I chose to stop watching the charity show, trying to ignore the cruel reality that such unfortunate things do happen. I chose to listen to second-hand accounts from friends about the Japanese incident instead since the impact is lessen as compared to seeing real images.

Before I can have the courage to face such despair and tragedy, I am an escapist.


11:01 PM