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Yesterday was the last day of classes for my entire life!

On the way to school, I was feeling abit emo about it. I love sch! Or rather, I love uni's life!!


For my entire study endeavour in uni, I always have less than 5 days of classes! Only uni life allows me to have so much free time! I love the flexibility of uni classes too! The flexibility allows me to skip classes and avoid doing readings (haha I am very much guilty of these bad practices).

I have also learnt to be more aware and critical of issues happening around me. I enjoy studying Soci. Always studying familiar things making it unfamiliar. Even doing essay assignments can be enjoyable, even though I am always in a rush to finish up.

Life in uni will not be as fun as it is without good friends! I am thankful that I have made alot of good friends in uni! These friends have made my uni life much more interesting and memorable! Elders gang, Soci gals, AFTH friends, Interns and Suzhou chums!! These friendship bonds are very valuable and hopefully will last for years to come.

But of course, it is not all a bed of roses. I dislike FYP and exams. But all in all, the rewards have outweighed the costs. I will miss uni's life very much!!

Anyway, yesterday we had a nice surprise end to our last tutorial class. One of our tutorial mates had a birthday surprise from her friends. It was very cool! They even treated all of us in the tutorial to free donuts! Cecilia, my Monopoly Deal star ally, gave us a small gift too!

The last class of my school life ended on a sweet and happy note!


9:18 PM