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Yup, I have started driving my Dad's old gold car. But only for less than an hour! Today, I ventured onto PIE and I somehow lost the confidence in my driving. Okie, I know many of you do not have confidence in my driving :p Before I got my license, I wanted so much to drive and would always persuade my Dad to let me drive (only succeeded a few times) but now that I am qualified to drive, I start turning down offers from my Dad. Irony.

It was a dream come true when I saw the word "Passed"! And I have 8 points only!! (Haha let me be proud for a while lah :p)

After passing my driving test, I went for a celebratory lunch with Andy and Ben. We walked into this Thai restaurant that served quite good food. It was a pleasant surprise that it is an award-winning restaurant and yet the prices are reasonable.

After lunch, we went to sing and Denise, the karaoke queen, came to join us too. It's really cheap to sing now sicne there is members' special. But it is only till end of April :(. We even made a surprise for QB. Shall not reveal it here since I have not uploaded it. Ended the day with Seet joining us for dinner. As usual, Seet always make me laugh for no particular reason.

I must thank Dajieda so much for giving me the probation plate!! She wanted to give it to me during my first attempt but too bad I failed. Now, finally I have passed and she gave it to me. I still remember that she went searching for this plate made by 3M and it was not an easy search. I met her for breakfast and although time was short, I enjoyed myself and had alot of good laughs from her. Don't worry Dajieda, I will practise driving and be careful even though I have passed.

I met up with friends from elders for steamboat dinner too. We went to our usual Chongqing steamboat and sat at the same table again! Haha think we have been there like 5 times already? Every time we were allocated to the same table! Guess it's because our group is quite large. Steamboat buffet + delicious desserts + fun Daytona races made it a great evening.



10:59 PM