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I have watched a HongKong movie recently called Another Pandora's Box and it's super hilarious and brainless. I had a good laugh!

But sad to say, presentations and write-ups are dampening my mood. Haiz, post-FYP is not equal to freedom how sad! :(

My happiness after FYP was short-lived. I have to worry and think hard for my presentation this coming friday. It's a tough presentation! After this is over, I have another presentation next week and a write-up to submit in the same week! By the time all these presentations and write-ups are over, it's time to study for exams. What a sem!!

Luckily I have meet-ups with friends to de-stress and music to entertain me! I think that I am fast becoming a super junior fan! Oh and driving is one of my pleasures too! Haha I am looking forward to driving classes once again! Hopefully I can keep my hopes and excitement in check so that history won't repeat.

The higher your hopes are, the greater your disappointment will be. I am trying HARD to remind myself this!


8:27 PM