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Today went for the career fair with Ching and Esther and I must say that it wasn't very constructive. I only left my resume with one organisation and didn't even take a single name card. The reason - applications and information are all done through online.

Anyway, today I had dinner at a hawker stall that is owned and operated by former prisoners. They serve huge portions of western food for average prices of $5 and are very popular among customers there. While having my dinner, there were endless orders from customers and these guys made the effort to serve every customer well despite being very busy.

While having my meal, I was reminded of the yellow ribbon project. The image of the advertisement came to my mind. A guy with tattoos all over his back was trying hard to reach for a tag stuck on his back but he cant seem to remove the label.

These guys at the hawker remind me of the labels that people always stick onto others, with or without their consent. To me, these guys totally do not fit the label of ex-convict because everytime when I see them, they are always very hardworking and trying to serve good food to their customers. It's only their tattoos that remind others of their past.

If only we do not fix labels onto others. Labels are misleading. I admit that I am guilty of doing it.


11:02 PM