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I miss Suzhou!!

I miss the bunch of girls alot!!!

I miss walking in the cold hooking hands with one another, spending our nights chatting before we fall asleep together and the laughter that we had!!

It's really amazing to me how a group of 8 girls managed to bond so close together after just 2 weeks. We clicked immediately on our first day spent together!!

This group of girls made my Suzhou trip very memorable and fun!! Everyday we would have classes in the morning followed by sightseeing in the afternoon and shopping at night. We travelled everywhere by cab and had meals in restaurants. What a life!!

I am very touched by the bonds that we created and shared in this trip. One of them gave me a musical carousel while another gave Ching a snow globe. We were very touched by their gifts. These gifts were what we wanted and they bought for us secretly!

What can I say about them? They are just so wonderful! When I lamented that I have a sore throat, one of them bought me herbal lozenges. She bought me the musical carousel too when she knew that I wanted it. I walked passed the shop twice commenting that the carousel was very pretty. I did not even dare to walk into the shop as I knew it will be expensive and I was on a budget. Little did I imagine that she would go back to the shop to buy it for me! I was so surprised!!That's the day I teared. I felt blessed!!

I am looking forward to the day that we meet again!!


12:11 AM