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The above link shows a video about Micheal Jackson's daughter voicing out in his memorial ceremony. It's a sad video. When I read in an article about what she said in the memorial service, I was very touched. A daughter's love for her dad was so clearly expressed and she has to face such a deep loss at a tender age.

Alright, to a brighter note...my dearest buddies, Seet Ee and Agnes have graduated!!

We attended their convocation ceremony on Thursday and it was exciting. I am happy for them that they are moving on to another chapter of their lives. Graduation is one of the biggest moments in one's life I think. Next year is my turn!
Some photos that we took that day:

One more week to the end of my attachment!!
I am now having a hard time thinking what I should get as farewell gifts for my boss and the team. Argh! Not much time left! I have a budget too and that makes it even more difficult. Should I get for the fellow interns too? Hm...
Anyway, I got punk'd by them on Friday.
The moment I reached the office, I found a note on my desk asking if anything is missing. I found my mouse missing and that's an old trick from them. Hence, I went to search for it and to my horror, my phone became a cordless phone without me noticing! Omg! It was so silly! My phone rang and I picked it up without knowing that the cord has been plucked off. The worst part is, it was being filmed in a video and put on FB without me knowing! Rise of the Revenge!


11:19 PM