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Wow 4 days of internship have passed!

It feels like more than 4 days have actually passed. We seem to know everybody there already and very much settled down.

I was totally unprepared on my first day and had a scare. But now, I am more or less conditioned already. 

Since the events are still some time away, things are not that hectic YET. I still managed to have some very slack time whereby I could chat on MSN and hang around with the other interns. 

I would say that the staff there are very friendly to us and the best part is, we have a whole space to ourselves! Haha that is because they have a newly renovated area which was previously unoccupied. Hence, we interns have that whole space to ourselves and also a panaromic view right in front of us. 

Some shots I took today (Haha this reflects how free I was today)

In the above photo, can you spot town buildings? Haha we could actually see some office buildings that are in town such as the UOB building, parkview etc...
Btw I found this photo lying around in my phone too. I think it was taken sometime back when Seet and I visited the Asian Civilisation Museum. Oh! I forgot to mention about the Kangxi exhibition in my prev post. Anyway, it's really worth visiting. We enjoyed it alot and gained alot too.


9:59 PM