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Yeah exams are finally over!!!! Haha I was freed 2 days back.

To mark the start of our freedom, Andy, QB, Denise Loh and Tan as well as I went to have Korean dinner and also an exploration around Changi. 

The Korean dinner was quite good except that the price was quite steep for us students. Even though we were very full, we still managed to squeeze some space for Andersen ice cream! 

Then we officially embarked on our exploration around Changi. First pit stop was the old Changi hospital. Haha our exploration was abandoned soon after we started because it looks just too scary and eerie to the girls. I couldn't even see the steps leading up to the infamous building let alone asking me to climb up. 

Adding on to the nervous experience was the presence of about 6-7 cats near the vicinity. When we walked passed, the cats would follow us and to me thats quite scary. I was afraid that the cats would keep following us lah. 

After that, we made a brief detour to Changi beach before heading to our next pit stop, Changi airport. This place is so much better. 

Results of our camwhoring at Changi airport.


9:45 PM