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Mango season is back!! Now is definitely one of the best times to scout for sweet mangoes. Haha I am like eating either mangoes or grapes everyday now. It's just too sweet to resist.
Anyway, today we had our last lecture for a module called basic media writing. I totally enjoyed this module. It's one of the slackest, fun and creative modules I had so far.

We do have alot of assignments, in fact 3 of 20% assignments but it is slack as in I always get to surf the net, hang around in FB and etc during tutorials. This can easily be the most enjoyable tutorial for me.

Fun in the sense that we get to do things that are very different from our daily work. We get to write tv news scripts, newspaper articles and even design our own advertisement.

For our last assignment, we were working in groups to come up with a fake company and had to advertise for the company, plan the press release, reply to a complaint letter etc. It was pure fun! Haha it was in this assignment that I was amazed by Esther several times alright! She's REALLY GOOD in doing all these designing stuff. Me and Denise were just clueless about using the softwares and designing.

Let me show you our homepage then you will know how impressed I was. Everything was done from scratch, including our logo.


11:29 PM