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Wow I realised that most hss profs are generous!

2 days ago I went to approach our humanities profs with Ching and another friend to sell our tickets for our upcoming event. 

We were surprised that our sale was not bad. We managed to sell a total of 15 tickets! I guess that can be considered good since I heard of friends who approached 3 business profs and was rejected flatly from all 3. 

We approached our soci profs first and they really boosted our morale! 

There was this prof who taught us gender last sem and she was really kind! Haha she was not around when we knocked on her door and I told my friend that we have to try again for her because I think there's a good chance that she will buy. Just as I expected, she agreed to buy! She bought $20 of tickets!! She is the best of all!

However, there was this prof who I shan't identify. This person is quite a prominent figure in our sch and yet was quite stingy. I think this person donated because of his/her status lah and not because really wanted to...gave us $10 of coins alright! 


10:37 PM