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Oh no I am getting lazy to blog again. Haha anyway a new sem has started and its the third last sem for me! That's so fast! 

Okie, let me cut short and make this an update of photos.
Above are brownies given by sponsors for the elders at the home. It looks and tastes good!
This was taken on new year eve. The place was crowded was tourists and it was my first time so near to the merlion.
Fireworks!! We had a splendid view on top of one of the commercial buildings.
Welcoming Seet back to Singapore!

Above are photos taken while we were waiting for our ice-cream at JP. Andy was late and hence no photos of him.

Took the above photos during a trip to city hall with Seet. Haha it's all in black and white because I forgot to switch it back to normal mode but it gives the buildings a more historic feel.


10:58 AM