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Yesterday I came across some interesting findings...

Finding #1 : Pirates in reality

There was a report about a super huge oil tanker carrying crude oil worth of US $100million being hijacked by PIRATES! There are still real pirates in this era?? I always thought that pirates only exist in the past, like those depicted by Pirates of the Carribean. The report described the pirates as violent and powerful. They would use small speedboats to chase after large ships and when they succeed, they would climb up using ropes and usually they are heavily armed. One captain even lamented that they have to look out all the time for such small speedboats and try to shake them off their heels. 

Finding #2 : Maldives sinking 

Ok, this is not what I found out yesterday but one week back or so. It was reported that Maldives is sinking (not really surprising since sea levels are rising) and the government has already started looking for land in other countries for them to move over ( this is surprising!). Imagine moving a whole country's population over to another place! At the rate that they are sinking, they calculated that it will be less than 100 years that their island will be under the sea. Hence, their government plans to put aside some tourism revenue for buying land in probably Australia or Sri Lanka. Wow a  country within another country.   

Finding #3 : Job Prospect

A graduate from double major of psychology and social work wrote in to the papers asking for career advice. She graduated a few years back and has tried working as a private tutor and social worker before but she does not want to work in those fields anymore. She was thinking whether she should pursue another degree that is more practical. The advisor advised her not to pursue another degree and instead she should aim to write a good CV and master her communication skills for interviews. She explained that arts courses train undergraduates in analytical skills and critical thinking, which are applicable to jobs in many sectors. Sounds promising but I still don't know my direction. Yes, there may not be a specific sector but what are the kinds of jobs we can have?

Finding #4 : Sociological Thinking

In the same issue of newspaper, a reporter was writing a column about tourists busy snapping their digital cameras when on holidays. His point was that tourists should not be busy snapping their digital cameras because they would be able to find better photos of those scenes on internet and they would miss out the best part when they are busy snapping away. Instead, he suggested that tourists should enjoy the moment fully and have a remarkable experience. There was this part whereby I think that he would make a good Soci student (wonder whether was he one before). He said that digital camera is a powerful tool. Not only that it itself is powerful in capturing special moments, more importantly it empowers the photographer who gets to decide which part of reality is being captured and what is not. Good point.


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