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I have been busy with assignments recently. Endless stream of assignments...sian. It will only end on 11 Nov, ONE day before my exams! Crazy right?

Anyway, last night was the final race of this F1 season, Brazil Grand Prix. Everything was just so drama last night. Haha just 5 to 10 minutes before the race was supposed to start, the online channel stopped streaming. Haha I got anxious and started looking for alternative channels and when I found it, I sent it to Ching as well and she sent me another link at the same time too haha. 

Finally, the race started and I was hoping that Kimi Raikkonen would win the race. I was impressed by him during the previous race when he gave way for his fellow teammate Massa to overtake him. I think that its applaudable that he cared more about the team than his own individual merit. It's all about teamwork! And I was also hoping that Massa would win the race instead of Hamilton because I think the latter is quite arrogant. But! It did not turned out as I had wished. Sad. But I guess the racer who is most upset has to be Coulthard. It was his last race for his whole career and yet he was knocked out at the first turn. Somemore it was not his fault lah. Someone just came to knock onto him and yet the one who knocked onto him managed to carry on with the race. Super unlucky.


11:11 PM