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Alright, I am here to update with the photos of my birthday party. Hm there are just too many photos for me to upload and hence, I would just upload some photos. If any of you want more photos, can let me know. Maybe I pass u my thumbdrive or what ok?

Oh ya! I realised that I forgot to thank all my friends for the birthday presents.  

My heartfelt thanks to...

Clique! Thanks for the Braun Buffel wallet!! I like it alot and special thanks to those who went to choose it for me! Thanks for the purple board as well! Thanks Agnes for the interesting and special card too! 

Uni clique! Thanks gals and guy for the pair of Crocs shoes! Haha it fitted well. And the card as well!

Perfect 10! Thanks for the Esprit watch! Haha I was thinking of asking u all to get me a watch and ta-dah you all can read my mind. Special thanks to those who came for my party! Thanks for the card too!

Here are the photos...

Haha I think Seet looks really hilarious in this pic. I like her expression haha.

Oh! 4 gracians! Haha actually Ben invited them bcos they were his JC classmates and it was a good chance for us to catch up with one another. 

Alright thats all!


10:42 PM