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One week of school is over! Haha this week was actually very slack. I only had 3 lectures and all were mainly on introduction. Nothing much. I guess next week will be the "official" back-to-school life. I was super lucky yesterday! Haha I have been wanting to take up communication module but there was no vacancy. Hence, I had to wait in front of the computer to wait for someone to drop the module before I could hurry snatch it. And yes, yesterday I did it! I was about to give up waiting and thought of appealing. I was thinking one last chance before I send in my appeal. And ta-dah! One vacancy!

I was reading Esther's blog and she mentioned that we had a fashion parade on our first day of school. Haha I agree. I would say that many of our coursemates have become prettier over this 3months break. Really amazing!

Alright, I shall stop here. There's olympic opening ceremony tonight!


4:17 PM