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Oh my goodness!!!!!! I am going to Laos in another half an hour's time!!!!!!

This whole week has passed super fast. Went shopping, played badminton, went to pray at temple, shopping for the trip, dinner with the clique, mahjong session and off to Laos now!!

I am getting excited for the trip, especially after having packed my bag. I took 1.5 hours to pack it lah! Haha too many things to bring.

Alright, let me say some things before I embark on my trip.

Thanks alot clique!!!!!!! Haha thanks for spending so much time with me over the past one week and also helping me to prepare for the trip. Special thanks to Seet Ee and Denise for the special "amulet" that you gave me. It's really touching! I am bringing it with me! Thanks Ben for lending me ur torchlight. I will miss you people!!

Thanks Wei Ching for lending me so many things! I am really grateful to you!!! Girl, I owe you one!

Sorry QB for not being able to attend your birthday party. You have my best wishes!!!

Alright, that's all...see you in 2 weeks time!!!! 31 Aug!!!


10:13 PM