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Alright friends! I am going to blog about my Thailand trip. There are just too many photos to squueze into one entry. There are about 600 photos!!! Haha so I will separate them into different entries.

Here comes Day 1!!!!!
All of us met up at the airport around 4am to prepare for check-in. We were taking budget airline and hence it was a no-frills airport.
The guys who arrived very early at the airport haha.
Haha we could hardly contain our excitement!
Arrival at Bangkok! Haha I was holding a card that spells my name as "Vanassa Gos". Oh man! That became my new nick for the rest of the trip.
After we touched down at Bangkok, we were transported to Hua Hin for a relaxing stay. We loveeeee the hotel in Hua Hin!!!! It's really glamorous and beautiful. I love the toilet best!! It has wooden tiles and all the amenities that you could ask for. Haha me and Seet even soaked in the bathtub together for more than an hour!
QB, Andy, Eugene and Ben at the hotel lobby.
It's Seet's and EK's turn.
We were waiting to check in. The receptionists were very friendly as well. The best thing is, there were 2 trainees from Taiwan and we click immediately. We talked alot with them and they recommended some places that we could go for cheap and good meals.
Our dinner at the night market!!!

Look at this mango with glutinous rice! It's heavenly!!!! The mango is super sweet!! Haha QB had a serving of this everyday!! Haha see how nice it is.
Alright, that's all for the first day. We spent most of our time travelling to Hua Hin, exploring the hotel and also the night market.
Look out for Day 2!


9:42 PM