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Alright, I have decided not to blog about the thailand trip day by day anymore. Ya, I have 3 more days to blog about but I am lazy to blog it day by day le. It is time-consuming too. So, I have posted all the photos (hm, not really all lah but still alot le) onto webshots. If you want to see the photos, please feel free to visit this link...


Hm, recently I have second thoughts about going to Laos. I know I shouldn't but I wonder how's the condition over there. I am quite worried that I can't adapt to the place there. Moreover, my stomach has always been weak. Haiz, hope it can endure the 14days there. Hope the condition there is not too bad. Hm, I shall focus my thoughts on helping the people there and not worry so much about the condition there. I have to go no matter what!


10:34 PM