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Today is Fathers' Day! Everyone remembers to wish your Dad happy Fathers' Day alright.

Yeah! In 2 days time, I will be in Bangkok!! It's so fast! I can't wait to go on a holiday.

The past few days after my exam I have been trying to repay my sleeping debt, catching some shows on tv and also shopping with friends. I was so tempted to buy a digital camera at the PC show because one of my friend's uncle works there and could give me a cheaper price. However, it still exceeds my budget and I don't really like the camera. I still prefer Casio which comes in bright red. So, I have decided to wait somemore.
Yesterday, after going to AWWA home for dumpling celebrations, I met up with Agnes, Ben, QB, Eugene and Andy at City Hall. It was very crowded because of the PC show. We went to Changing Appetitte for our dinner. They had changed their menus with some new items. After our dinner, we shopped around before calling it a day.

Here are some photos of our food!! Haha I realise that it has been quite some time since I last posted some photos of food. Not to worry, more food photos are coming, maybe thai cuisine?

Ben's burger...I like the beef...it's tasty.
Eugene's salmon.
Andy's burger.
Agnes's grilled chicken. Can you spot the potato?
My grilled chicken. It has mango slices and cheese on it. Oh it comes with nachos too.Innovative!


1:28 PM