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After 2 months of break, yesterday I went back to the AWWA home. Due to the exams, we had a 2 months break. Haha because we did not see each other for such a long time, we did alot of catching-up. Most of the time we were talking among ourselves instead of talking to the elders. But that's because there were not many elders around as well. They went for a performance by SSO. Haha at one point in time, me and Pris, together with Janice and Bryan were hiding at the staircase landing to chat, in fear that Abel might see us and starts nagging.

Haha when I just arrived, an uncle asked me if I had just came from work. Haha because I had my jeans folded to knee-length lah. I was dumb-founded. Haha I did not know what to answer him. So funny.

Yesterday I also chatted with another uncle who was just discharged from hospital. He was being hospitalised for one month because all of a sudden he could not swallow anything, not even drink water. He had to put a feeding tube to his stomach now. The thing is, he's very very skinny now. He could only pour 3 cans of nutritious milk into his feeding tube each day and the milk does not cost cheap. We were so shocked that he had become so skinny. I even commented to my friend that I kept looking at his head. You could practically see the shape of the skull very clearly. It's that skinny! He was saying that he is hoping for a miracle from God. Hope he will get better.


5:06 PM