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So far, 4 lectures of psychology have passed and nothing much has went into my mind. There are so many things to remember. I think that the module will be easier for biology students who have studied before the various parts of the brain, the brain functions, the eye and the ear. There are so many facts to remember about them! But I guess these are the basics that we need to know first before we can touch on deeper issues such as perceptions.

On Monday, after our Psychology lecture, Denise, Wei Ching, En Chen and I went to play badminton. En Chen is actually Wei Ching's HI junior and coincidentally, she's an ex-YJCian as well so that makes her my junior as well. What a small world. Anyway, we booked a court in the SRC for 2 hours for free! Must make use of NTU's facilities more often haha. (Haha somehow I am reminded of what Agnes said before, use the swimming pool until the water turn brown) It was quite a good workout. Not only we worked out our arm and leg muscles, we worked out our cheek and stomach muscles as well because we were laughing alot. Oh! On our way to SRC, we passed by some houses that we suppose the professors are staying in them. It's very nice!! The houses line up a driveway and the place is very serene. It looks like those chalets lah.

After that, Denise left earlier while the rest of us continued for a short while before we started to get hungry and thinking of food. We went to Canteen 2 in search of some cold desserts. In the end, we bought some waffles and mango ice dessert. Hm I have heard alot about Canteen 2's waffles but I think it's just average. I like the mango ice dessert though. The mango cubes are sweet and the ice is so finely shaved that it appears to be in layers.

Haha do you know why the 3 spoons were positioned so nicely? That's to cover the empty sides as we only remembered to take a picture after we started digging into it.
More good food tmr!


10:02 PM