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Hm...something interesting and touching to share with you people.

Something to reflect on...
When we were young, our mums would wait patiently for us to walk over to them.
However as we grew up, we are getting impatient waiting for them, hoping they can keep up in pace with us.
When we were young, our mums would answer all our "why" questions patiently.
However as we grew up, we find them irritating when they start asking us questions.

The above are some excerpts from an advertisement on SCV about Mothers' Day. Hm...I think it's true leh. It didn't cross my mind at first. How could our attitudes vary so much even though it's similar scenario?

Alright, one week of holidays have passed. Have been busy with my tuition kids because their exams are coming next week and have also been slacking alot at home, think I am turning into a couch potato. But I am enjoying it haha. I just loveeeeee watching TV.

Yesterday was the first time my friends from French class and I went out together. Haha since we were all French students, we went crazy at every sight of French words. We kept reading the French words on bags, shops etc. There was this shop in Bugis whereby they import alot of things from France and we were busy reading every word that we could find and busy decipering it. But of course, we only took level 1 and so our French vocab was super limited. But still, it's fun. We went for lunch at Miss Clarity's cafe (nothing special abt it now) and walked around Bugis. We took a picture inside Intercontinental hotel too.

Grace, Denise Loh, Me and Fang Jing.

After we parted, me and Denise Loh went to Suntec. We bought donuts from donut factory. Haha actually we wanted to try those at J Co. Esther recommended it to me before but the queue was quite long! Guess it must be quite good. There was not much of a queue at donut factory lah. But still, we enjoyed our donuts.

Today went to catch a movie with Denise Loh. We watched Harold and Kumar. Haha it was quite lame. But there are quite alot of hidden messages too. They were obviously poking fun at the America's system. There were mentions of racism, minority, president smoking marijuana (or rather its like almost everyone) and also the crazy sex life that they have. They showed quite alot of unexpected nudity though. Hm...I would give 3 out of 5. Oh! I tried the prawn chee cheong fun at PS that Esther recommended. Really not bad! The prawns taste good and quite crunchy. It's worth the money at $2.80 per plate. But still...I miss the wantons in HK!!

Alright...that's all!


11:50 PM