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Yeah! We had a baking session at my house today! It was fun!

Haha actually most of the job was done by the 2 experts, namely Seet Ee and Denise. The rest of us, namely Denise Loh, Wei Ching, Seng Keat and I used MOSTLY but not all eyepower haha. We tried to help out abit. The process of baking muffins was actually quite easy and fast. I expected it to be more tedious. The best thing is, the muffins turned out great! We enjoyed the process as well as the products of it!

After baking, we played mahjong. Haha actually our aim was to teach Wei Ching how to play. She picked it up quite fast under my coaching wahaha. After that, Denise went off followed by Seng Keat while the rest of us had dinner prepared by my mum. Then, more rounds of mahjong again! Haha we played daidee too. Haha in the end, Wei Ching learned 2 important games from us - mahjong and daidee.

Hm, we took alot of photos and hence, I will only upload some here while the full collection can be found at this website: http://community.webshots.com/album/562196701IodAMK?start=28

The process of baking. I think the chocolate chips look like a piece of art haha.

Apparently Seet is disgusted by me tasting the mixture although she is the one offering me to do it.

Let's squeeze!

Doesn't this looks appetising?? It looks like being done by professionals right?

Proudly presents the team behind the baking of the delicious muffins!

We shall have more baking sessionsin the future! Maybe bake cake?! Haha am I too ambitious?

(Oh my! I took ard 2 hours to post this entry can u believe it? Its already going 2am! Bcos I am uploading the photos to webshot and after its done den I can post the link here. Haha luckily had some good laughs that keeps me awake)


11:34 PM