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I'm too full to sleep. Today has been a "food day" for me haha. In the afternoon, I went to Illya's house with Seet Ee, Denise Loh and Grace for another baking session. This time round, we baked alot of food! Illya is an expert in baking lah. I always love her brownies. Today, I had a chance to taste her brownies again. In total, we baked muffins (those that we baked at my house last week), brownies and bread butter pudding!! All taste super delicious. Haha the muffins pale in comparison to the brownies and bread butter puddings. The brownies are so tasty! It tastes very chocolatey! The bread butter pudding was just nice, not too sweet. I think it tastes better than those I tried at Miss Clarity's. Haha as usual, the experts do most of the job. But this time round, I had a different task. Haha I was beating the eggs instead of putting the mixture into the cups.

After that, I went back home for a while to rest first before meeting my cca friends for steamboat buffet dinner. By the way, there are no longer steamboat buffets at Marina South. All have shifted out. And their prices increased as well. We went for the Chong Pang steamboat which is relocated to Boon Keng Road. It costs $16 now, no longer at the cheap price of $12. But I would say that now the food is better. They are fresher and has a bigger variety. Oh! I love the chilli shellfish that they served. It's super good. Haha I found out that me, Priscilla and Pei Kiat are seafood lovers. Last time when we went to Kukup, we ate alot of stingray. Today, we ate alot of shellfish.
Haha we took some photos as well using PK's camera. I have to wait for her to upload the photos first before I can post it here. So watch out!


12:31 AM