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On Saturday, I went to the AWWA home as usual and we made sandwiches for the elders. I met up with Priscilla and Pei Kiat earlier to buy the ingredients for the sandwiches. Haha throughout the whole session, we did not prepare any sandwiches. Instead, we were busy walking to and fro Sheng Shiong supermarket to buy more bread etc while the juniors prepared the sandwiches. Oh! I managed to find the auntie that was "missing" for 2 weeks as well. Haha I was kind of worried when I could not find her for 2 consecutive weeks and her mattress did not have any bedsheets on. Usually this means that the elder is no longer there and a new elder is moving in. But fortunately, she is still there. I told Pris and Pei Kiat about it and we were busy looking for her as well. Managed to talk to her for a while and found out why I could not find her. What a relief.

After that, I made my way to Seet's place to play badminton. I was late because I was busy talking to Pei Kiat they all about our upcoming movie and dinner dates that I did not notice the time at all. Haha but in the end, I was not the latest. The whole clique minus Agnes and Eugene turned up. We split into 2 courts to play. It was super sunny! We were perspiring from the heat rather than from the exercise. Next time, we shall play in an indoor court. We had dinner together before I made my way home while the rest went to Seet's place for mahjong.
Here are some photos taken.

On Sunday, I met up with Denise for K-box session at AMK. We sang for close to 5 hours. As the place was crowded, we were assigned a bigger room. I guess that room can hold up to 10 people. Haha so the 2 of us had the whole big room to ourselves. It was my first time into such a big room. I was quite excited at first and even told Denise that we can walk on the U-shaped sofa haha. There were 2 LCD screens as well which I think was quite redundant. Haha it has been months since I last went to Kbox and that shows. My singing was horrible lah. Haha I even forgot how to sing some songs at first.
Anyway, we took some photos as well.


8:09 PM