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The past week has been a tuition week for me. Everyday I went for tuition and sometimes 2 sessions a day. That's because all my students were having exams last week. Phew, finally it's over and I have one week break from them. Hm, special semester has also started. It's quite alright so far, nothing much to do YET. But still, compared to normal semester, it should be quite managable with just 6 hours a week. Oh Pei Kiat is taking Japanese this special semester and she says it's interesting. Haha I am quite tempted to take it as well. But I guess I should complete French first.
Anyway, on thursday, Wei Ching, Esther, Denise and I went to celebrate Seng Keat's birthday. It's a super belated birthday. We went to Shokudo at Raffles City. It's something like Marche, in a Japanese style. It was the first time there for some of us and it's not difficult for others to know that it was our first visit there. Haha that's because we were crazy about every food we saw. It's not the typical kind of Jap food that is being served in Jap restaurants. And that adds on to the excitement. There were sooooo many good food. I like the Rosti (some fried potato shreds), the omelette and the pizza best!! Although the Rosti was quite oily, but it goes well with the yogurt cream. The omelette had the tako pachi thing which I don't know what it is called. The tastes blend well together. The crust of the pizza was super thin and had abit of wasabi on it. On the other hand, the desserts were not that fantastic. It left us with a tinge of disappointment. But overall, I would like to go back there again.

The food that we ordered. At the front is the Rosti that I had mentioned.

See the tako pachi thing? It goes well with the salmon inside the omelette, the sauces and the omelette itself.

The ultra-thin crust pizza.
Oh this steamer was used to cook the rice with unagi. The rice has a special unagi flavour to it.

The desserts - Crepes with sweet potato, honey and water chestnut ice -cream and cheesecake with strawberry sauce. Although the ice-cream is made up of 3 flavours, we could not taste any flavour at all.

Ching and I with the magical hand haha.

Esther and Denise.
Denise trying to frame her face with the chopsticks haha.

SK with Ching. Haha see the spoons at the side? Trying to add glitter to the birthday boy.
Ching with her pizza.
One last group photo before we call it a day.

Oh not to forget our neoprints! Haha there was this neoprint machine inside Shokudo and since we did not take any neoprints together before, we decided to take one.

Yesterday, I met up with Agnes for lunch at AMK after her gym. We went to Pizza Hut and their service was really slow. There was one group of students who finished their main course before the soup arrived. Haha it became their dessert instead. After that, we walked to AMK Hub for the cheap dresses that Agnes saw the day before. On average, one dress costs about $24. We bought 3 dresses each. Haha we are the kind who hardly wear dresses but we thought since its so cheap, we should invest in them haha. Somemore its more convenient, you can save the trouble of matching your top and bottom.

Oh! Guess what we saw at the dressing room?! There was an auntie who did not bother to draw the blinds! At first I did not see her at all. I was thinking why didn't Agnes go to the fitting rooms at the left as there were more empty rooms there. Then, suddenly I saw an auntie with just her undergarments inside one of those fitting rooms. I was shocked! The blinds were not drawn at all that's why I thought the fitting room was empty until I saw her. I don't think she forgot to draw the blinds because she was in there for quite some time. She had quite thick make-up on her face as well. Oh my goodness.


6:14 PM