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Sorry for MIAing so long...haha exams mah...anw nothing much to blog about too. These days have been mugging mugging and more mugging. Wow...20 days never blog...hm wonder is it the record yet. 2 more papers to go!! Later I will have one public policy paper and friday I will have sociology of food then...its over!!!

Hm...actually after my 3rd paper, I kind of retreated into holiday mode. Haha after 3 papers in 2 days, the worst is over and it feels like exams are over as well. Haha I think I am back to my TV addict days again. Whenever I am not studying, most prob I will be watching tv...and that's alot! It's really weird lah...it's always during exams period whereby all the good dramas will be on tv and once your exams end, the dramas ended too. Aiyo...what a bad timing. It's not only this time round lor, it has been a few times already. Always tempting me with the good dramas when exams are round the corner. When it's holiday, the dramas don't seem that good.

Anyway, for HK drama lovers, go watch 突围行动! It's really good with all the drama twists although there are some parts that are quite predictable. Haha you can find it at tudou although its quite slow lah.

A bientot!


11:20 PM