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Alright...I just have some random thoughts to share. I guess all these thoughts come to me in the spur of the moment.

Hm...alot of people have always been asking me what is sociology about and what can I do after I graduate. Actually I really don't know. I don't really know what I have studied as well. I can only say, erm...sociology is about studying culture, society etc. What can I do after I graduate? Hm...up till now, I still have no idea. Some government sector jobs? Policy making? But seriously, all these does not really appeal to me.

Hm...I guess I enjoy studying sociology and that's what that is most important. I can't imagine myself studying some science or engineering module. The thought of it puts me off. It's totally alien to me even though I have studied it for many years before. What I can say is, sociology is an interesting subject. What other subjects allow you to watch countless of videos that really make you think more about this society? What other subjects will talk about issues that are so relevant to your daily life? It's so relevant to our daily life that we take it for granted and never think much about it. Although there are tonnes of readings to do and mostly are long and dry, at least it is talking about something that is not alien at all. At least I can make references to my own life.

Even though I do not know what I can do with a Sociology degree, I never regretted taking sociology.


12:55 PM