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Alright, I am here to blog about my Hong Kong trip. Overall, it was fun. We did sightseeing, experiencing Hong Kong way of life and also shopping! Haha it was really an escape from reality. When I was on the plane reaching Singapore, I suddenly felt stressed by all the tests and readings that were waiting for me because I had a test on Monday and another on tuesday.
I must say that Hong Kong really impressed me quite alot. It's not that the city is very beautiful (in fact alot of their buildings are quite old), it's their spirit that amazes me. Actually Hong Kong is made up of alot of mountains and deep waters. Hence, it's quite difficult to find flat land to build buildings on, very different from Singapore. Haha when driving around, you can see alot of buildings in the middle and top of mountains and buses winding up the slopes. And to get across the deep waters, they even have 3 underground tunnels! Yes, they are underground tunnels in the deep waters!!! Whenever I pass through the tunnel, I am always amazed by it. It's a pity that the tunnels are made up of concrete walls and not glasses. Haha it will add on to the excitement if we can see the waters when in the tunnel.

Alright, here are some photos taken.
This is a performance called the symphony of lights. The lights of the buildings will "dance" with the music. They have this every night. They must have spent alot on this.

Here comes one of my fave food in HK. It's called hong shu fen. It's translucent noodles with a very chewy touch. Quite spicy too. Oh ya, HK does not really serve much chilli. They only serve one kind of chilli in most eateries and it's not the kind prefered by Singaporeans. So, for chilli lovers, better bring your own chilli along.
This is a wax figure of Yao Ming. This is his actual height ok! Super tall right? Oh my goodness, I am only until his stomach!
Haha I am part of the royal family leh. But I think Queen Elizabeth looks quite young here.

Ok, here's our minister mentor. Let's be formal here.
Haha Agnes was so funny. When she saw this picture, she immediately exclaimed that I should have high-5 with this premier Wen. Haha honestly, it didn't cross my mind at all lah.
Look at this. It's you tiao wrapped with chee cheung fun (don't know how to spell). It tastes quite ok. Actually in Hk, I tried chee cheung fun wrapped with prawns and pork too. I think that their chee cheung funs are very soft, very palatable.

Hey don't belittle this beach. It's called Repulse Bay. The tour guide told us that many high-profile people such as Jackie Chan, Tony Leung, ex-govenor Tung Chung Hwa and even Stanley Ho's 4th wife stays here. HK people believe that this place has very good feng-shui with the dragon head there.

Cable car!! It's my first time taking a cable car. My mum said that I took one before when I was around 3. Of course I could not remember anything lah. Haha when it first went off, I was abit scared. It's so high up and it moved quite fast at first. But after a while, I was ok, provided that no one shakes the cable car haha.
Me and my Ah Ma inside the cable car. We took one that was purple in colour!! Haha and it was numbered 101.
Me and my dad with some cute pandas. I wonder why they associate pandas with corns. Shouldn't it be pandas with bamboos?
The real panda!!!!!! Oh my goodness, he's so cute!!!! He came out into the enclosure and started walking towards some bamboos. As the bamboos were one step downwards, he did not slowly climb down. In fact, he just dropped onto his butt and sat there eating.
Me and a fake panda. But that's exactly how the real panda was eating his bamboo shoot. Oh man, I was totally mesmerised by the panda.
Here's some jellyfishes. Very translucent right? I think its nice.
Seahorses. I think they are very beautiful. Especially when they are black in colour and it contrasts well with the white sand.
At the top of the Ocean Park. Half of the Ocean Park is on top of the mountain while the other half is at the bottom of the mountain. We took 3 long (really long) escalators up.

We went to this traditionl fishing village called the shui shang ren jia. It reflects how the people in the past used to live in HK. They would live on the boats and do everything there, including da pian.
My parents with the backdrop of HK's view. We were at the Victoria's peak. It's the most famous peak in HK. I prefer the night view though. But too bad my camera could not capture it well. Hence we had a photographer to take a photo of us with the night view.
Here's the famous Great Buddha of HK. Before we went there, some relatives told us about this place. Remember in HK dramas, they always mention something like qu da yu shan chi zhai. Ya, this is the place. We didn't chi zhai there because it was very crowded. Me and my parents climbed up 224 steps to see this Great Buddha. Haha we were breathless when we reached.

Oh man, I am drooling at the look of this wanton. I miss it so much!!!!!!! It tastes super good! The skin is soft and inside there's 2 prawns. Fully succulent and crunchy prawns. No meat at all. The soup tastes heavenly too. Haha my mum was already missing it while we were on the flight back home.

Another of my fave food. I miss this alot too!!!!!The mango juice is really thick. The mango pulps are sweet and juicy. The sagos make it even better. I was so in love with this dessert that I had it on 2 consecutive days.
In total I have 4 faves. One is the noodle, the wanton, the mango dessert and...egg tart! It's super soft and wobbly that you cant hold it well with 2 fingers. You really need to support the whole egg tart. The crust is flaky as well. Haiz...I was so eager to eat that I forgot to take a picture first.
Here's what the streets of HK look like at night. Almost all the streets in Kowloon area look like that, with the neon signboards. It's very HK. Another thing that is very HK is yum cha. Alot of people, mainly middle age onwards, will have dim sum for breakfast at a restaurant and they will bring a copy of newspaper along to read. Almost all tables did that.

Haha to round it off, I would say that visiting HK is like stepping into the television.


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