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Argh! I have a decision to make! Should I take inter-sem?

Its from 5 May to 11 June. If I take, my 3 monthes holiday will be GREATLY reduced to 3 weeks lah! Aiyo! Because after my last paper, I will have one week break before inter-sem starts. After it ends, I have 2 weeks before our Thailand trip and after Thailand trip I will go to Laos then back to school le. It sounds busy and tiring leh. But if I don't take, I will have alot to clear during my school sem....haiz. But actually the inter-sem is oni study a few hours each day lah just 2-3 hours. But Jap needs 4 days!! Pschology better, oni 3 days. Which should I choose too? Argh...give me advice! I need decide by Wed lor die.

Oh ya...today we watched some videos about animal cruelty. Let me tell you its super gross and cruel. Chickens, pigs and cows are slaughtered so horribly. It's not a clean cut! It's letting their blood drip while they were stll alive and the pigs were skinned alive. Really skinned alive lor. Those slaughterers are really sick lah. They were smiling and enjoying themselves while torturng the animals. So many people were so disgusted by the video that they left halfway through. One friend even commented that she felt like vomitting. Half of the time I was peeping through my fingers lah so er xin.


11:24 PM