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Be prepared! This will be a super duper long post haha.

On friday, I went to woodlands library to study and Denise Loh came to join me in the afternoon. After that, we went for lunch and walked around causeway point until Andy came to pick us up for dinner. It's the first time a friend is driving me and it's good because you do not have to be restricted by the places that you can go. Having a car is definitely more convenient.

Anyway, after Andy picked us up, we went to fetch QB and Ben. Then, we headed to QB's parents' tze char stall at Clementi for dinner. We were full and satisfied. However, we still decided to drive around for some sweet desserts. We wanted to go Serene's Centre but could not find our way there haha. In the end, we went to upper thomson road. After that, they sent me home and they went for a spin.

Andy driving the car and QB in the front seat. Haha luckily I managed to get home safe and sound haha. Thanks Andy!

Our drinks and desserts taken at a Hong Kong cafe situated at Upper Thomson road. Erm...the drinks were so-so only.

Denise Loh, QB and Andy.

Ben and I.

On Saturday, Agnes, Seet, QB, Andy, Ben, EK, Sarah and I went to the ZOO!!!!

Haha it was fun. Oh ya...thanks Denise for helping us to borrow the free passes for 4 and Sarah for helpingus to get 4 tickets at discounted prices. We managed to see alot of animals, although not all because we reached there quite late. But still, we walked for ard 3hours looking at the animals. Here are some pictures taken yesterday. For more, you can go to Agnes's blog whereby she has a link to more photos taken. Oh ya! Look at Inuka, the polar bear. He's super cute!!!! He was playing with a huge white ball in water and looks super cute when he was playing the ball. He's my favourite zoo icon now haha.

Alright...that's all...hope you all have survived the long post haha.


4:34 PM