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Alright...here are some long overdue photos. Haha they were taken during Wei Ching's birthday using my phone.

Esther is singing to her loved one haha.
Ching Ching opening her presents. See her happy face haha.
This is specially for Xiao Rou aka Ching (although she's not wen rou at all haha)
Nice? Drawn by me lor. Haha her birthday had 3 types of cupcakes.
Alright...below are photos taken today. I am so touched today haha. I managed to sell out all my postcards le, all thanks to a supportive bunch of friends! Thanks go to Agnes, Denise Loh, Qun Bao, Benjamin, Andy, Eugene, Sarah, Pei Kiat, Jia Xin and Seet too. Haha Seet wanted to buy but I told her that her sis bought already and she offered to ask her boyfriend to buy. Thanks people!
Somemore, the girls in uni group are so sweet. Denise gave me a flower bookmark and chocolate while Wei Ching gave me flowers and a self-made bookmark. Aiyo I felt so guilty lah. I didn't prepare anything for them. Last year I also didn't prepare anything for Seet, Agnes they all while they gave me things too. Paiseh girls. I promise next year I will prepare for u people! Thanks alot!!
Here is the flower given to me by Ching. Nice right? Somemore there's purple haha.

Haha another purple flower! This was given by Denise. I like her hand-writing.
The 4 of us. Haha this shot was taken using self-timer. It was the first time I am using self-timer. I didn't even know my handphone camera has this function lah. The effect not bad right?
Okie...another shot of us. This time round, its taken by our usual photographer, Seng Keat.

A closer up view.
After school, I met up with Andy, Ben, Eugene, Qb and Sarah for dinner at Jurong Point's Fish and Co.
Drooling? Haha its Ben's dessert. I duno what its called. It tastes good. Some ice cream thing.

My cheese futado fish and chips. Andy had the same thing as me. It's a super huge portion.
Hm..I can't remeber what this is called too haha. Eugene had this.
Opps! Didn't take picture of the platter that Qb and Sarah had. It came later than ours and I was too hungry le haha so forgot to take pic.
Sarah and I. Wow I must say that Sarah has alot of juicy news haha. She kept us entertained.
Me, Ben and Eugene.
Andy, Qb and Sarah.
Haha both of them look super sian in this pic.
Alright...that's all.


12:06 AM