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Information of the day: It's healthier when you are slightly overweight!!

Wahaha now I have the legitimate reason to eat more le! Haha surprising right? This was written in one of our readings for our food module.

Anyway, yesterday after school, Ching, Denise, Seng Keat and I went for dinner at Crystal Jade. Haha Seng Keat was being generous and he paid for half of our bill. Thanks!

Here are some photos taken.

Ching's "...long zhua shou". Haha I only rmb the last 3 words bcos its so funny. Literally translated to be dragon's claw hand. It's super spicy.

My stewedd beef la mian. It tastes good, especially the stewed beef. It's really tender.

Denise and SK had this zha jiang la mian. I like the sauce. It's abit abit yet abit vinegar kind of sour.

Denise, Ching and I.

Denise and Ching drinking barley. Hm...the barley was okie, not really thick.

C'est tout.


8:59 AM