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I got into Overseas Volunteer Expedition!!!!! Haha I went for a short interview today with Priscilla and both of us got in! Yeah!! Now my worry is the summer studies. Hope that these 2 won't clash if not, I really don't know how.

Haha today I kept bumping into friends in school, some are those that are long-lost friends. First, I saw a friend from first 3 months at SAJC. The most coincidental thing is...she's Pei Kiat's friend! Haha and today is her birthday. I was quite surprised that she remembers my name because we were not really close, just remember that she was from RVHS.

Then, on the bus going out of NTU, I saw my PRIMARY SCHOOL friend. Oh my goodness...it has been ages since I last saw her. I lost contact with alot of my primary school friends lah. The best thing is...she is in the same course as 2 of my other pri sch friends and she was in the same JC as my pri sch best friend. Haha this means that all of us can meet up! I was really surprised to hear from her that my pri sch best friend is a national karate player now lah!!

Besides that, I also bumped into a few of my cca mates and also another SAJC first 3 months friend. But this one, I did not say hi to her though. Haha today is really a lucky day.

Yesterday during lecture, we were doing statistics and I was reminded again of how mch I miss Maths and Science. I really miss them alot!!!!!! I miss pressing the buttons of my calculator. I miss figuring out how to do the Maths sums. I miss differentiation. I miss doing lab work in Chem. I miss the reactions equations and the colours that we will see. I miss Kong Yi Ji. I miss the Chinese poems and stories. Haiz...now all I am dealing with are words, words and more words.


9:33 PM