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I was super blur the whole week. There are simply too many things running through my mind. I had to worry about which notes that I need to print, which textbooks to buy, which textbooks to photocopy, what are my lecture and tutorial timeslots, whether to go for summer studies, my tuition timings for my students and some other things.

All these made me so blur and I lost track of time several times. On Wednesday, I even made a blunder. I thought my tutorial was on 3.30pm but actually, it's at 2.30. In the end, I gave it a miss. Haiz...hope next week I can be better organised.

French classes so far have been quite fun. We learnt some basic introductions. The best part that I like about learning new languages is trying to pronounce the words. It can be so funny. It will sound weird and yet sounds complex haha. It was the same case when I took up Malay. During tutorial, the whole class will be filled with alot of funny noises as students try to make up the correct pronounciations. When you got it right, there will be a sense of satisfaction adn you will keep trying to say the word. Haha that was the case for me lah. Oh ya, my tutor looks like Mr Bean to me. Haha especially when he tries to correct our pronounciation. His expressions just reminds me of Mr Bean haha.

Okie...that's all for now. I am going Bintan tomorrow....but not very excited though haha....think I am too tired and preoccupied with other stuffs.


11:03 PM