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On Friday morning, I went to Bintan with my family. Hm...the trip was quite good. It was very relaxing, especially after such a blur and choatic week. I love the villa alot! It's so cosy and my family can't stop commenting how nice it would be if it was our house haha.

Nice view right? I took it at around 7.30am Singapore time. Singapore is 1 hour ahead of Bintan.

Can spot the writing? Haha I wrote it with my finger.

Me, half-awake, with the nice scenery at the back.

After coming back yesterday afternoon, I slept a while at home and did the birthday message for Andy. In the evening, met up with the rest and we went to Andy's house for his 21st birthday celebrations! Haha we had a fun time there, especially while playing the silent heart attack and the 21 surprises for Andy.

After dinner, me, Agnes, Seet Ee, Denise and EK played silent heart attack. It was super funny. We could not stop laughing and we laughed very loudly. Our tummys were painful from all the laughter and I even teared haha. After that, we went to the void deck to record a happy birthday "song" for Andy. We shouted so loudly that Andy said that he could hear us from the 3rd floor.

After cutting the cake, the most exciting moment came. Presents time! We prepared 21 surprises for him, including a recorder with our birthday "song", a cake, a super huge birthday card, milk bottle and most importantly....the Crumpler bag! It's super expensive!! Andy better use it!! Haha we had a great time seeing Andy opening the presents and going through the 21 surprises. Hope it will be a memorable birthday for him. Haha then at least our efforts are not wasted, especially Agnes who went to buy the bag alone and did alot of organising work.

Alright...here are some of the pics taken yesterday with my handphone. The quality may not be very good. For the whole list of photos, please go to this link...http://community.webshots.com/album/562196701IodAMK

All of Andy's friends who came for the party.

Andy drinking vitasoy from a milk bottle. Haha he took a super long time to drink and still could not finish because the hole was super small.

Disgusting? There were chilli sauce, tomato sauce, sweet and

sour sauce, eggs, flour, water and watermelon!

Haha Andy had to mix everything in the tray with his bare hands! It was super gross lah. But we could not stop laughing.

After mixing it, Andy had to find a nail clipper from the mixture using his toes.

Okie...he found the nail clipper nad have to use it to open his present. No hands allowed.

After unwrapping layers and layers of newspapers, ta-dah...Crumpler bag!!

Haha kid's cash register for Andy by EK. I think it looks cute.

Lastly, our hand-made birthday card!

Okie...C'est tout! (That means that's all in French haha)

Andy!! Happy birthday in advance!!!


5:03 PM