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Hohoho...Merry Christmas in advance!!

Season of giving, season of joy is here! Haha although I am not a Christian, I still soak in the joyous atmosphere of Christmas. I think this is a time whereby alot of people are super busy, super happy and super tired. Haha tired from all the endless shopping and celebration.

On Saturday, I went to the AWWA home to celebrate X'mas with the elders. It was very fun and joyous. The committee planned a bazaar for the elders, setting up games booths and giving out prizes and food to the elders. Priscilla, our business manager, is really good at sourcing for sponsors haha. It has been quite some time since we last met. She is so busy this holiday with all the projects and finding sponsors. Haha Pei Kiat too. She has just came back from Japan. Really miss these 2 girls haha. Oh ya, Janice was really sweet. Haha I am not close to her but she gave us each a X'mas card together with some name stickers. I remember that those name stickers are not cheap. I was quite surprised by that. Overall, the bazaar was a success and everyone was happy. For volunteers, when we see that the elders are happy, we are happy too!

Here are some pics taken that day.
I like the above poster alot. It's a pity that I didn't see it while I was in the home haha.

Aren't they cute?! These santa clauses were decorations for the brownies that were sponsored.
Haha before the event, everyone was busy preparing in the conference room. Some were busy wrapping up prizes, some were busy using their eye power and some were just busy enjoying the air-con. Haha I belonged to the third category. Opps!
Ta-dah! This is one of the games booths being set up. The elders have to throw at the cans using a paper ball.
Saw Denise? She was stationed at this game booth whereby the elders had to throw paper balls into a basket.
Here comes me and Pris. We were busy giving out food to the elders. Opps! Was I caught handling food without using gloves? Hm...I think I was just giving the uncle a fork lah.

After giving out popiah and fishballs, me and Pris went on to give out soya beancurd to the elders. We had to go door-to-door on every level to clear the beancurd.
This is the long-awaited moment...lucky draw! The elders filled up the room very quickly, with some not able to enter.
Here are the prizes for the lucky draw. They are not as grand as those last year, but the elders were still happy.
Haha ard 10 of us hid in this corner to write farewell cards for 2 of our friends. They are leaving for Canada and Ireland for one semester exchange programme.
Pei Kiat, Pris and I. Haha from the smiles on our faces, you can see that we are all happy at the end of the day.
Yesterday, I had X'mas celebration with my relatives at my house. It was a time to showcase their culinary skills. We had pot-luck and I must say that my aunties and uncles can really cook. Haha I even set a deal with my uncle to try his steamed crabs and asam prawns one day. I love his tom-yam soup! My and my cousins had 3-4 servings of the soup each. We also celebrated birthday for one of my nieces. Her birthday is on X'mas day itself! Haha my mum bought an ice-cream cake from Swensens. It was good! Wow, my stomach was really satisfied yesterday.


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