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Woohoo...the Standard Chartered Marathon is over!!!!!
It's the first time that I am involved in a marathon. Although I was only there as part of the drinks station crew, it's really fun, tiring and amazing.

The whole experience started at 12.15am when we were picked up at several MRT stations. I was picked up at Bishan MRT. When we reached the open field opposite the Padang, we received a Adidas shirt that we were supposed to wear and also a bag of goodies. Haha I like the Adidas shirt. The material is good and very comfortable.

At around 3am, we headed off to our respective drinks station locations. Me, together with Denise and Wei Ching, were stationed at East Coast Park. It feels good to hear the waves crashing against the shore while we got things ready. Haha by then, the 3 of us were super high. We were too tired.

At 6.30, the first runners arrived! They are runners from Kenya. Wow, when we saw them, we were super excited lah haha. Guess it's because we had waited for so long before the action begins. Guess what? They took only 1hour to run 21km okie!! That's super fast lah, compared to some who took around 6 hours. Oh my goodness, the way they take the drinks is super erm...violent? Gan Chiong? Haha...they did not slow down and hence, when they took a cup, the nearby 3-4 cups will spill. You can really see the desire to win in them.

After that, it was really hectic, with big groups of runners coming endlessly. I kept wondering how many runners are there. We were so busy that our shirts, shorts and even handphones in our pockets were wet. Can you imagine how chaotic the situation was? Haha but its fun as well. Oh ya, there were quite a number of good-looking guys too haha.

I really applaud those runners who had such strong determination and perserverance. Some of them were really way behind the crowd and they took like 6 hours to complete half of the marathon, but!!...they did not give up. They continued to press on. On my goodness, if I were them, I guess I would give up already. I really lack of perserverance.

The whole experience ended at around 1pm for us. At the end, we were really tired and sleepy but I would say its all worth it. It's really an eye-opener and an experience that I would not forget. I will remember the perserverance that the runners displayed and the strive for success by the Kenya runners. Although they are poor, but they have their talents too.

Wow a superr long post about the marathon. Haha didn't expect it to be so long but I think I have alot of thoughts about it. Anyway, I cut my hair! Hm...not really a drastic haircut. Haha maybe you all can't even see the difference lah haha. But I think it feels lighter and also, I like the way the hairdresser blows my hair. It makes my hair so straight and neat. Haha but today, after I washed my hair, it's back to the usual messy and frizzy hair again. Sad.

Haha compare and contrast.
A closer view.
Okie...that's all.


9:42 PM