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Yesterday, I met up with Denise (Seet Ee's sis) in the afternoon to shop at Bugis. We spent quite alot. I bought a olive green bag at $36(after much bargaining), a pair of dark green shoes at $20 and some earrings at $5. Haha I didn't realise that my bag and shoes were in green until we were on our way out of Bugis. Haha I guess yesterday was a green day for me.

Denise bought a pair of skinny jeans for $30 as well. Actually in Bugis, there are many shops selling skinny jeans now. It's the craze now. Somemore, they come in different colours, ranging from white to green, blue, red, yellow and black. For me, I was quite conscious of what jeans it is. In Bugis, I guess there are 2 main types of jeans, New Future and XT2. I prefer the latter because of its material, it's not so much of wrapping around your legs.

After shopping, we were hungry. I recommended her Miss Clarity's Cafe! Haha it has been quite some time since I last went there. I missed their cheese fries!! We ordered a plate of cheese fries, fish cordon bleu for me and baked rice for her. We were so full after the meal.

After that, we went to Vivocity to meet up with Seet Ee, Eng Keat and Benjamin. We walked around for a while before meeting up with Qun Bao for a movie. We watched "30 days of night". Haha the night before, I smsed Denise asking her whether it was scary. She had watched it already and her tolerance level for gore and horror movies is super high haha. She told me it was 4/10. Haha that encourages me to watch. Ya, I agree with her that the movie is not so gory. It's acceptable for me, somewhat bland wahaha...guess I am becoming the next Denise?! Anyway, the movie is so-so. The main draw shall be the actors' actings. Josh Harnett was the lead actor. He's cute. I remember the first time I saw him acting was in the movie Pearl Harbour. Wow so long ago.

Okie...lack of photos because my handphone camera can't make it. I am going get a new phone soon! I am aiming for Sony Ericsson K810i. Ya quite an old phone already but at least it's within my budget.

Hm...rainy day today. Making me slacking and sleeping whole day.


4:03 PM