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Yesterday during my cca, we did Christmas decorations for the home. Haha the aunties and uncles were quite happy to see the decorations and one uncle even offered to help us take the ladder. They are really nice. But yesterday's session had a sad news. One of the aunties there had passed away. She was the godma of one of my seniors. I talked to her a few times before with Priscilla. I remembered before our exams, we went to talk to her and she was not feeling well. She lost alot of weight and had diarrohea for quite some time. Haiz...I guess this kind of thing always happen in these homes.

Anyway...after our cca, me and Denise met up with Seet Ee, Eng Keat, Qunbao and Benjamin. We went to Minds cafe at Boat Quay for games and fun. We played some games such as Taboo, Apples to Apples, Jenga and some games that I can't remember the names haha. I think the most funny game is Taboo. It was super exciting and noisy haha. Aiyo in the end I was the loser. Haha next time we shall go there as a full clique. Think it will be more fun.

After that, me, Seet, QB and EK went to meet some foreign friends. One of them is on exchange programme from Netherlands and another 2 are Indonesian-Chinese studying in Singapore. Haha it was the first time I talked to them but they are quite easy to mix around with and I heard alot about them from Seet and Agnes. Haha. We went to Marina Bay for steamboat and my stomach was really satisfied. We took quite alot of pics as well but Seet has not uploaded them. Okie...shall upload them some other day.


4:14 PM