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Last night, I went for dinner together with Agnes, Clare and Benjamin. We went to Miss Clarity's cafe at Bugis. It was the first time for the 3 of them. After watching Makansutra, Agnes wanted to give it a try. Haha I think that cafe is gaining popularity with all the media exposure. However, last night's dinner was not really splendid. They have opened another branch again, this time in Tanjong Pagar I guess.
Oh ya, Clare has just returned from Hong Kong. Apparently, her tour guide pissed her off haha. I wonder how will my trip next year to Hong Kong be. Speaking of this, I have to miss the Arts from the Hearts' trip to the zoo with the children. It clashes with my Hong Kong trip. Disappointed. It's one of the highlights of this charity thing and I have been looking forward to it.
Alright...here are some pics we took last night.
Ben had this pizza. It was quite good.
My porky with onions. Erm...very oily and quite salty though.
Clare's lamb chops. The sauce is abit spicy.
Agnes's chicken cordon bleu. Erm...they gave very little ham and cheese, mainly chicken breast.
Us in the train. Ben was the photographer so he was not in the pic. Haha look at Aggy. Guess what was she doing.


10:15 AM