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Yesterday, I met up with Agnes to head down to Orchard for some window shopping and good food haha. Our good food is...Iciban!! Haha one of our fave food outlet. I bought some mochi home as well. They are really good! Haha after filling our stomachs, we went into many shops to try high heels. It was super fun, especially at Zara where there are alot of ultra high heels. Wow suddenly I have fresh air.

Today, I went for tuition as usual on Fridays. But, as usual again, my student had forgotten about tuition. She was out with her mum. Haiz, it happened so many times that I was not angry or disappointed with her anymore. But I still cherish the hope that she will be more responsible now that she is going into pri 6.

In the evening, I met up with our clique, minus Andy and plus Denise (Seet's sis) and Eugene. We went to this food outlet named Ayam Penyet. Haha its the name of one of the dishes that they offer as well. I had that for dinner. It was quite average. It's some fried chicken that has been smashed, erm not the "er xin" type lah. But my favourite has to be the crispy flour bits. They taste good. But for those who love belachan, you all will enjoy the food better. The belachan is good, though I only tried one small bit. Denise loves the belachan alot haha. She helped me finished up the belachan haha...thx Denise.

After dinner, we walked around and I must say that this year's Christmas lightings are quite nice. I like the colour of the lightings, they gave me a snowy feeling. But the decorations for the shopping centres were not really spectacular. I could only remember seeing Christmas trees, nothing special. After that, we went to a bistro in Cineleisure. Hm...4 of us shared a chocolate fondue. It's not really worth it. So far, the best fondue that I have tried is the one offered by Andersen's ice cream. The chocolate is super rich and warm, while you can dip ice cream in it. Cool in the inside and warm on the outside, and the rich sweet flavour of chocolate. Wow, I misss it!!!!!


12:19 AM