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Today, I joined Agnes and her CSS for christmas caroling. It's my first time joining them for caroling. It was fun. I really enjoyed myself today haha. Haha we went to Mount Elizabeth hospital and raffles place for caroling. I think there were about 20 of us in all the 4 sections of choir. Although it was a small group, our singing was still quite loud haha. I had a crash course from Agnes and one of her friends on our way to the hospital.

The hospital is super nice. We went to this level whereby there are executive and royal suites. The corridor looks just like a hotel's corridor, complete with the chandelier and exquisite wallpaper. I wonder how much it costs per night! We were invited to sing for an auntie in one of those rooms and I think she is super rich. She even gave tips!!

After that, we made our way to raffles place for a performance to garner donations for YMCA. I saw a performance that was really good. They are a group of secondary students who used the household utensils to act as drums and percussion. It was really engaging.

Next, me and Agnes left the group and we went to Marina square's pizza hut for lunch. We tried their xmas spcial pizza. Erm, I still prefer the normal supremes haha. We were too hungry to take any pic of the pizza though. After that, we walked around and we were super high when we came to Sasa. Haha we were choosing some nail polish and started talking crap. Can't rmb what was it about but it was super hilarious. Then, I made my way off for tuition.

Here are some pictures taken with my hp.

Haha I look abit sian in this pic. Guess I was too hungry.

Dearest Aggy!!

Opps! Our flaws were totally exposed in this pic haha.

Haha I was busy enjoying my pizza.

Me and Aggy again in the train. Haha the photo turned out super dark and we did some changes to the lighting...li hai ba haha.

Okie...I going rest. Feeling abit unwell. Look out for my next post!! Coming soon!!


9:58 PM