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Argh...I have been trying to put songs on my blog but I can't! Whenever I put the songs on my blog, the alignments on my blog will be messy. Aiyo. Shall try doing it again other day.

Hm...countdown later. So fast. Another year has passed. I am not really looking forward to the new year. Don't know why but now I don't look forward to a new year or another birthday. It just shows how fast time has passed. Sometimes, I really wish that time can be paused, or even better...rewind.

Anyway, on Saturday, our clique plus Eugene minus Agnes and Denise went to Seet's place for BBQ. It was a last-minute plan. The night before at around 11pm, me and Seet were thinking what to do the next day and ta-dah...Seet had the idea of BBQ-ing at her place. Haha I think that our clique is really efficient. We could gather everyone for a BBQ even at the last minute and everything went smoothly somemore.

Before the BBQ, I went for my cca and we distributed kuehs and popiahs to the elders. Haha we were left with alot of leftovers and we volunteers were FORCED to finish them. Haha not really forced lah. Haha luckily I was fast enough to run out of the room and ignored my coordinator's callings. While giving out the food, I was in the centre of a quarrel between 3 aunties. One of them wanted to have 2 servings because she wanted to save one for dinner. However, her roomates insisted that everyone gets one serving only. Haiz...it's always because of these trivial things that they quarrel about.

Okie...back to BBQ. We had so much food that there were still quite alot of chicken wings left behind. We just started a fire in a small BBQ pit (those can be kept one) outside Seet's place and enjoyed our food. Haha I guess everyone was happy except Leo who did not managed to get any food from us. Haha i took some pics but they were quite blur so I am not uploading lah.

Happy new year everyone!!


4:54 PM