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Okie...first up, here are the photos taken yesterday. They were all taken inside the Hong Kong cafe using Denise's handphone. Thanks Denise for helping us take photos!!

Ching Ching, me and Denise.
Esther, Ching, me and Denise.
Opps...don't be mistaken...of course we don't aim to eat the red handphone on the table.
My fish fillet with baked rice. I love their cheese alot.
Haha look at Esther...she looks like she's really caught unaware. Oh ya, her noodle soup has papaya in it. Innovative right?! Haha.
Okie...that's all about yesterday. Today, me and Denise went to K-box for singing. We had not sang for a long time so last minute we decided to go sing. The 2 of us sang for a whole 5 hours. Haha at the end of it, my voice was getting hoarse. But still, it was worth it.
Alright...going off to catch my hong kong drama!


11:52 PM