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Yeah!!!!!!Exams Over!!!!!

Finally I can have a good night sleep and no need to spend hours studying in woodlands library. Today i had my last paper. Haha Ching and Denise remarked that it seems like we are always running late for our last paper. We were running late today and last sem's last paper as well. Haiz, think this sem is horrible for me. I am worried that I will do worser this sem. But...it's over, I can't do anything now.

Alright, on a happier note, we had our end-of-exams celebration today, right after our paper!! Haha, I guessed we had made it as our tradition to go for a nice meal after our last paper. For our first sem, we settled for Arab cuisine and second sem we went to Miss Clarity's cafe. This time round, Esther, Wei Ching, Denise, Seng Keat and I headed for Xin wang Hong Kong Cafe. We had a satisfying lunch before making our way to watch "The Enchanted". It's a fairy-tale like movie which is super funny and sweet. We enjoyed the movie alot.
After the movie, Denise went off while the rest of us walked around Orchard. We went to Heeren and Far East Plaza, hoping to do some shopping. In the end, Wei Ching and Esther bought some clothes and a bag. We had Oyster Mee sua for our dinner, haha it seems like last sem we had our dinner there once as well.

Okie...will post the pictures that we took today soon.


11:29 PM