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As I am typing along, I am listening to BSB's new album - Unbreakable. So far, the songs are nice, the genre is quite the same as the previous album. It's just a pity that Kevin left the group last year. With him harmonising as the bass, I think it will sound better. But of course, Brian, Nick and AJ are still the most important singers in the group. I like it!

Hm...has been a week since I last blogged. I was quite busy and also lazy to blog. Finally! No more assignments to rush, no more presentations to worry about and no more less-than-6hours of sleep. Wow, this morning I felt so blessed to be able to wake up on my account, no longer have to be woken up by alarm clock.

I shall backtrack abit. Hm...on Saturday, I went to Janice's 21st birthday party. It was held in a KTV lounge in a CC near her house. Food-wise, we had vegetarian buffet. A first time for me but it still tasted good. But the egg-less cake was not that good. The theme was "Back to School". I wore my YJC's seletar green tee there. Haha quite long never wear that already and putting that on reminds me of the times in school. There were quite a number who wore full school uniform there, mostly her jc's friends. I wanted to wear Yj's one but...

Before the party, I met up with Pris to buy her present. 18 of us shared the present - a white gold necklance with a heart pendant (hey! The pendant can have 7 designs lor...cool right) and also $100 voucher from Royal Sporting House. Hope she likes the presents.

Although it was held in a KTV lounge, we didn't sing, only a handful of her friends sang. The songs there were super old, mainly those Ah Ma songs. Instead, we sat outside the KTV lounge and had a nice chat. Wow really a long time since I last saw my CCA friends. We are having our exam break and everyone is super busy now.

On monday after tutorial, Denise and I went to town to meet up with Qb and Andy for abit of singing and dinner at Hong Kong's Cafe. I tried the cheese baked rice and the mango snow ice for the first time. Both were good! Their portions are big too. Hm...lazy to upload the photos, go see them at denise's blog.

Today, I met up with Aggy to buy BSB's new album. We had dinner at Pizza Hut. Aiyo, wanted to try their cheesy fondue but its not available anymore. Sad man. Wow, quite long never see Aggy le. Over dinner, we chatted and listened to some old songs from Britney Spears, N'Sync, Westlife and S Club 7. Aiyo, make me miss them so much. I love them so much during my sec sch days lor.

Wow...a very long post. Haha to make up for the lack of posts these few days. One last thing, today I saw one of those fake nuns at the coffeeshop below my house lor! I was quite surprised when I saw her. I recognise her by the white robe and also her approaching people to buy some things. I remember the newspaper interviewed some real monks before and they said they are not allowed to sell things or ask for donations lor. They can only ask for food. They are quite resourceful leh, managed to come to Bishan now and not only stationed at Bedok.


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