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Aiyo...I don't know what's happening to me. Out of 6 lectures, I have missed 3 of them. I'm talking about my monday's morning lecture. Yesterday, I missed it again. Why is it always monday that I will oversleep? Even though friday I have lecture at the same time, I have no problem making it to lecture. Content wise, monday's lecture is still more interesting than friday's! I must stop this!

Hm...for the past few days, I thought quite alot...at least more than what I normally do. Hm...for me now, i am trying to put what had happened over the couple of weeks behind me. But of course, I will need time to do so. I can't wake up the next morning pretending that everything is back to normal. I need time to forget things and also time to recover.

For me, there's always this question of chances. How many chances does a person deserve? Is it unlimited or no chance at all? What are the criterias for giving a person chances? I don't know. To me, a person definitely deserves a second chance, because he/she may have hurt someone without the intention to do so or maybe he/she did it just in a moment of folly. But after that chance is given and that person hurts the same person again in the same spot, does he/she deserves another chance? He/She would have already known that this action is hurtful and yet did it again. Is it on purpose? Or is it just another unintentional act? Well, its up to one to determine the nature of the act. But I guess, we should try to forgive people as many times as we can - forgive and be freed.


7:20 AM