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Alright...finally I'm here to blog more about my birthday celebration which was approximately 2 weeks ago. All because of Loh Seet Ee! Took so long to upload the photos lah. Haha but still, must thank Seet Ee and Denise for helping us take photos that day.

This is the Waraku restaurant that we went to at Marina Square. We waited super long to enter the restaurant and so, we had plenty of time to take photos haha.

Our Clique! Formal and informal shots. Seet Ee looks very delighted in the second pic haha.
Me and beloved Seet Ee with 1/3 of Qunbao's face haha.
Me and darling Agnes.
Me and dearest Denise.
Haha we saw this poster and don't know who gave the idea that we 4 imitate the girls in the poster haha. Guess which is me.

Alright...presents time. Haha exciting time. These are the presents given by Agnes and Seet Ee.
I can't find the photo that was taken of the bigger present. But anyway...its a super meaningful black book with messages written by them. Seet Ee wrapped the bigger present with tonnes of newspapers, wrapping ppers and even toilet papers!

Okie...I was super excited when opening this present. The following are what was inside this box.

Designed by Agnes.
Designed by Seet Ee.
Haha they FORCED me to take this picture lor haha.
This is the present given by Denise, Qunbao, Andy and Benjamin. Nicely wrapped by Denise as well.
Ta-dah! Perfume by Lanvin.
Me and my birthday cake. Sobs...20 already.
On our way home.
Okie that's all. Bye.


3:45 PM